At Providence Driving School, we offer the following services: behind the wheel driving lessons for trucks, cars, buses, and motorcycles, help with the written test and road test services. Certificate of discount for the insurance is available upon request for those that have taken 6 or more hours of behind the wheel instruction. Free door to door service. We guarantee low prices and excellent services.

our services

Our Tractor Trailer (Class A) Training Course offers:


Classroom Services
Practice Exams

Required Written exams
General knowledge

Pre-Trip Inspection
Airbrake Test
In-Cabin inspection
Exterior inspection

Basic Control Skills
Stop line
Straight Line Backing
Alley Dock
Measured right turn
Up shifting and down shifting.

Simulated Road Test
Left turn
Right turn
Bridges and Weight limits
Railroad crossing

Required Written Exams

1- General knowledge
2- Airbrake

Pre-Trip Inspection

1- Airbrake Test
2- Interior
3- Exterior


1- Written test

2- Picking  up Children

3- Dropping off children

4- Railroad crossing

5- Straight Line Backing

6- Alley Dock

7- Measured right turn


Simulated Road

1- Left turn
2- Right turn
3- Bridges and Weight limits
4- Hazardous materials
5- Railroad crossing

Our auto (Class D) training course offers:

Driving Instruction Code:

A- Instrumantation

B- Straight Driving

C- Hand Over Hand

D- U-Turn

E- Reverse

F- Right Turn

G- Left Turn

H- K-Turn

I- Parking

J- Lane Changing

K- Traffic

L- Simulated Road Test

M-Up-Grade and Down-Grade Parking

Service Code:

C.I. – Classroom Instruction

S.T. – Service To Written & Eye Test

R.T. – Road Test 

Requirements to obtain a New Jersey

Automobile Drivers License.

Need to be 17 years old or older . Be a US citizen or have a legal status in the United States. Need the 6 points ID verification require by the Department of Motor Vehicles. for more information go to: 


Need to pass the vision test.

Need to pass the knowledge test.

Need to pass the road test.


Special Program for 16 years olds
834 Broadway Bayonne 07002

E-mail:  providenceds@optimum.net
NJ State Lic. # 000163

General information about Comercial Driver Licencse (CDL)


To get your CDL you must  meet the

following qualifications:

 Be at least 18 years Old

 Have a basic New  Jersey driver license 

(Class D)  Have 20/40 vision in each eye 

(with or without  glasses)

 Be able to recognize red, green and amber 

colors  Be physically fit*

*  Federal law requires commercial 

drivers to carry a medical examiner’s fitness  

statement at all times and renew it every two 

years. Download the 

Medical  Examination Report [60k pdf] before 

your appointment.

Application process:

Visit your local MVC Agency

Pass the 6 Point ID  Verification

You will receive your  permit, 

a physical examination form and 

a fingerprint card from MVC, which 

will  need to be completed

Apply for an endorsement

Take the CDL knowledge test  

and the CDL road test (Note: Class C 

licenses do not require a road test).  

Study ahead by reading the 

CDL Manual


CDL applicants under 21 years old may only travel within New Jersey and may not receive HAZMAT or passenger endorsements.
*This information has been obtained from the State of New Jersey Motor Vehicles Commission website.



Car Licenses

Truck Licenses